Wood Veneers in San Fernando Valley Expand Decorating Options

by | Apr 9, 2014 | Home Improvement

Wood veneers add a new dimension for home interiors, and provide craftsmen with a method to match existing wood finishes or create exciting new design elements for any home. High quality veneers from exotic wood species are coveted for their colors and unique grain patterns, but even wood veneers from common species provide a feel of solid wood at a fraction of the cost. Harter Surfaces (Hartersurfaces.com) provide wood veneers in San Fernando Valley, CA and surrounding areas.

Wood veneers are used to create new items, but are also used to restore damaged furniture pieces and cabinetry. Pieces that would otherwise not be considered repairable can often be restored by craftsmen using a quality veneer. However, veneers are also used to create unique furnishings for home or business owners. Because of their flexibility, veneers are ideal for curved elements that would otherwise require large, expensive quanties of wood. In fact, with prime hardwoods becoming scarce, veneers are often the only way to get the look and feel of a solid piece of wood without requiring large quantities of scarce resources. Local specialists help clients to determine if veneers are a good option for a specific design need, and help them select the best materials for the intended use.

Of course veneers are not ideal for every application. Local suppliers also carry a wide variety of decorative surfaces to fit virtually any need. Companies like Formica, Wilsonart and Pionite are some of the better known brands of surfacing products, and those materials come in a vast array of colors and patterns to match the design needs of contractors, designers and homeowners. Each material has advantages, and local suppliers know which materials are best suited for a specific product. For ease of use, many of the materials are stocked locally and readily available.

The surfacing products can be purchased in sheet form, or specialists can custom create countertops or other items. In-stock items can also be pre-cut to ease installation. For those who wish, adhesives and other supplies are also available for laminating the materials to backings.

Wood veneers in San Fernando Valley, CA are a wonderful option for creating truly one-of-a-kind design elements for a variety of home or commercial applications. Selecting and obtaining veneers is quick and easy, and designers or craftsmen can see examples before buying to ensure the best materials are selected.

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