Month: October 2012

The Beauty of a Galapagos Diving Cruise

One of the most beautiful places on this entire planet is the Galapagos Islands. Diverse, remote, and exquisite, the Galapagos Islands were the special favorite of Darwin and continue to amaze and astound scientists and tourists alike to this day. Going on a Galapagos...

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The Guide to Slip and Fall, Indianapolis IN

If you slip and fall in someone else's property and the act is caused by the hazardous or dangerous conditions within that property, then compensation is necessary. The owners of these properties are entitled to ensure that such properties do not pose any dangerous to...

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Shops in Mumbai

Shopping in Mumbai is a feast of sights and sounds. From local street markets to upscale Bollywood quality boutiques, there is something for everybody in every price range. You can hone your bargaining skills in the many bazars or shop in price-controlled government...

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