To Repair or Replace Your Own Windscreen

To Repair or Replace Your Own Windscreen

Windscreen repair is a very tricky business because you are not always going to know which option is the best. A tiny spot or crack might start out looking harmless enough, but go over one those famous bumps that your road tax money is supposed to pay toward fixing and ‘boom’ there goes your windscreen.  Now, at this point you have a couple of options. Let’s say you went over the bump and now you can see far more clearly because there’s no windscreen at all. You can call your insurance company and find out if you are covered for a free replacement windscreen. So many companies now offer a free windscreen coverage if you are fully comp, so always check if you have that.

Ok, so that’s done. Let’s now suppose that you didn’t go over that huge bump and you still have that tiny little spot just waiting to explode.  You can buy home repair kits now. It’s a DIY option, but if you don’t get it right first time you are probably going to kick yourself later. You will get a resin kit in a tube but bear in mind that your kit might only contain enough resin for one small repair. However, you can get a more sophisticated version that includes the bridge repair too. Remember though, any DIY on this sort of thing is probably going to result in some level of sorrow.  If you want professional windscreen repair in Cinderford or anywhere in the country, it is probably a better idea to call a pro.

Replacing your Own Windscreen
Well this is probably the worst idea of all, so it’s best you don’t try it at home. Repairing your own windscreen is actually far more complicated than it looks. The guys and gals who work for auto glass companies have so much experience that they whop those things in and out in five, but you will need some specialist equipment and some serious strength. You will also need to have the right sealant and whole host of other stuff, so unless you don’t have coverage on your insurance policy, please don’t even think about trying it by yourself or without expert help.
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