Solo-Living Apartments for Grad Students With Rigorous Coursework

by | Jul 8, 2024 | Student Housing Center

College students planning to pursue a particularly rigorous advanced degree program may realize they need a place of their own to avoid distractions. This might be someone who has been accepted into Mercer University’s law school, medical school, or graduate program in engineering. One-bedroom apartments near Mercer University will be appealing to the person who wants to spend a great deal of time studying at home.


Medicine, law, and engineering are recognized as three of the most difficult graduate degree subjects. All of these programs are offered at Mercer. Law and medical school students typically must spend 30 to 40 hours a week studying. The number of study hours for engineering master’s degree students depends on the focus. Mercer offers master’s degrees in eight engineering disciplines.

The Home as Study Area

When renting one-bedroom apartments near Mercer University, students can turn the home into a dedicated study area. They don’t need to combine the bedroom and home office; instead, the study area can be in the kitchen or living room. The resident can place a desk in front of a window in the main living area and not feel like it’s in anybody’s way. Nobody will be distracting this person with music or noise from a TV.

A Student-Oriented Community

Moving into an apartment community geared toward students makes it easy to form new friendships and find people to socialize with when residents need some downtime. People need socializing for mental and emotional health, even during a time when their lifestyle is primarily focused on academic and career goals.

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