Reasons Why You Should Consider Living in a College Apartment

by | Jul 8, 2024 | Student Housing Center

The decision of whether to live on or off campus is practically every college student’s consideration when they initially decide to attend campus. Although living in a dorm has benefits like being immersed in campus culture and living with other new learners, apartment lively eventually wins out. Living in an apartment provides a different change of pace and amenities that are not available in most dorms at the university. The following are benefits to consider when deciding whether to live in an apartment.

More Amenities

Student apartments can come with more than just a larger kitchen and a private bedroom. Many apartments provide outside or recreational amenities that you cannot go through while living on campus. Most on-site amenities like patios, study rooms, pools, fitness centers, and even game rooms are included in specific apartments’ general packages to offer students an extra perk.

Lower Cost

Student apartments in Mount Pleasant, MI are frequently more costly compared to living in an apartment off-campus. Although this is not always the case, some dorms are priced higher than normal since the campus knows that they can need first-year learners to live on campus. This need is done to permit learners to get immersed in the university culture.

Fewer Restrictions

Student apartments can frequently come with added door security and a resident advisor or RA. Due to this, learners do not have as much freedom as they usually would have if they lived in an apartment.

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