Zoning for Commercial Air Conditioner Units in Sylvania OH

Many types of commercial air conditioner units in Sylvania OH are available to suit the needs of the business. Rooftop units are ideal for buildings that do not have extra space to house a unit large enough to keep people cool and comfortable. Indoor coils are convenient when it comes to repairs or maintenance.

Split systems can save owners money because one system has the capacity to heat and cool the building. Repairs, preventative maintenance, and switching over from one season to another are simple and fast. Regardless of the selection of commercial air conditioner units in Sylvania OH, zoning will provide higher energy efficiency than units that are not zoned.

What Is Zoning?

Dividing a large building into six, eight, or more zones increases climate and comfort control to each area. Different temperatures can be set at each zone if desired. Storage rooms, for example, can have the thermostat placed at a higher temperature because employees do not spend much time there.

Offices, factories, research laboratories, hospitals, and even department stores can decrease the temperatures in areas where people are working, making that space cooler. The results include higher productivity, customer satisfaction, and patient comfort. Another benefit is a quieter environment because everyone in the building does not have to listen the main unit supplying power.

Other Ways to Control Utility Bills

Any unit, zoned or not, will fall into disrepair if not properly maintained. The air conditioner struggles to meet demands if it is not performing in peak condition and will use more energy to remain operating. This situation will cause utility bills to spike out of control.

Professional inspections and participation in a maintenance plan is the best way to control costs. Once a plan is signed, owners do not have to keep track of when maintenance is due. The heating and cooling company will call you to schedule maintenance at the appropriate time.


Replacing a commercial unit is an investment that is likely to provide high returns in the long run. This is due to the higher efficiency offered by newer models. In many cases, it is less expensive to purchase and operate a new unit rather than continue running the old one. Owners interested in selection assistance and in-house financing can visit A-1heating.com for details.

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