Your Guide to Getting Dental Implants in Your Mouth in Round Lake Beach

Dental implants are metal posts made from titanium that function just like a natural tooth root. We surgically place your dental implant within the jawbone under the gum line, allowing us to mount a replacement tooth or bridge there. Dental implants in Round Lake Beach do not loosen like dentures and provide superior oral hygiene since they do not need to be anchored to surrounding teeth, as with bridges.

In certain situations, conventional bridges and dentures may be uncomfortable or simply not practical because of some problems like bad ridges, tender areas or gagging. Traditional bridges must also be affixed to the teeth on both sides of the empty space once occupied by the original tooth.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Whenever you have a missing tooth, bone that once surrounded that tooth begins to deteriorate, or resorb. Surrounding teeth may begin drifting into the gap left by the missing teeth, which can lead to problems with the way that your teeth fit together.

Dental implants also act as substitute tooth roots. This makes for a firm foundation, allowing for the convenient placement of replacement teeth without involving adjacent teeth.

Types of Dental Implants

Endosteal implants are placed surgically right into your jawbone. After the gums have healed, another surgery is used for connecting a post to the dental implant. After that, an artificial tooth is affixed to the post.

Subperiosteal implants involved the fitting of a metallic frame onto the jaw beneath the gum tissue. After the guns have healed, the frame and jawbone are fused together. We then attach posts to the frame, allowing us to mount artificial teeth onto them.

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