You Should Settle Your Divorce With Mediation, Not Court Proceedings

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Marriage is a long-standing societal tradition. Although people still seek out relationships, marriages aren’t as common as they once were. In today’s world, some one-half of all marriages end in divorce. Taking a divorce to court might not be the best way to split up. You may benefit from seeking out mediation services in Miami, FL.

Court Battles Are Lengthy

Courts were created centuries ago to resolve disputes and maintain societal order. Without the legal system, people would take resolution into their own hands. Although divorce proceedings are designed to generate fair results, divorce proceedings are often long, drawn-out processes that take months to complete. If you choose mediation services in Miami, FL, to resolve your divorce, it can be finalized in as short as a single meeting.

Get Outcomes You Actually Want

In the overwhelming majority of divorces, both spouses want the best for one another. When you take your divorce to court, the presiding judge may grant judgments that neither you nor your soon-to-be ex-spouse wants. Mediation is different. Your mediator will work to resolve disputes in ways that meet both parties’ needs.

Mediation Can Facilitate Amicable Co-Parenting

Traditional divorce proceedings in court often assign most parenting duties to a single parent. Ex-spouses may be legally prevented from visiting children at each other’s homes. Mediation will help you structure personalized parenting agreements that meet your needs and those of your spouse. Courts won’t be able to administer harsh rulings that prevent amicable co-parenting.

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