Would You Let Your Brother Be Your Only Wedding Photographer In NJ?

This is a bit of a rhetorical question in so much as the place does not have to be New Jersey and the prospective photographer could be any close friend or relative that is naturally going to be on your wedding guest list. Neither does the question have anything to do with this person’s photographic skills – in fact, they could be an extremely prominent professional Wedding Photographer in NJ and I would still vote against them being asked to take the “official” photographs for your wedding anywhere in the world.

The Official Photographer Needs An Unobstructed View

If you and your friends are having a picnic; then, someone in the group can set up a camera on a tripod and use the timer to not only take the photograph but include themselves in it as well. Can you imagine this technique working for the whole series of group photographs that are mandatory content for anyone’s wedding album?

No, any Wedding Photographer For NJ, or elsewhere, must be somebody who is not involved in the ceremony and its celebration in any way whatsoever. True, someone who knows all the guests intimately may be able to get the best photogenic results from the guests; but, even this is somewhat debatable. The mark of a good Wedding Photographer For NJ is that they know how to put anyone in front of their camera at ease and precisely when to release the shutter to capture someone’s “magic moment”.

More Than Creativity

When you hire a Wedding Photographer you are expecting him (or her) to be creative (the software as it were); but, you will also be getting a better selection of all the relevant hardware; they will be equipped with different cameras for different shooting opportunities; a range of lenses; additional lighting and flash guns for different conditions, etc and they may well have an assistant with them to help out where and when necessary.

Plus The “Lab”

Your Wedding Photographer For NJ will also be better equipped and more knowledgeable about what to do with the photographs after they have been taken and before you get to see them in the final album presentation. In this age of digital photography, there are no tanks of chemicals etc; but, there is a lot of work that can be done on computers to improve the quality of photographs and your professional photographer will have the equipment, software and trained staff to make the most of all existing possibilities.

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