Women’s Yoga Clothing – Choosing Fabrics and Garments

Women’s Yoga Clothing – Choosing Fabrics and Garments

Yoga is a holistic practice that dates back thousands of years. An effective form of exercise for toning muscles, improving flexibility and restoring a sense of calm, people of all ages and abilities can reap the rewards associated with these physical, mental and spiritual practices. Whether you want to master the art of sweaty Bikram, high-intensity Vinyasa Flow or soothing Hatha, you should dress appropriately before hitting the mat. With so many types of women’s Yoga clothing on the market, it’s a good idea to focus on key pieces and fabrics.

Types of Fabrics

There are numerous fabrics to choose from when purchasing women’s Yoga clothing, and here are some favourites:

  • Bamboo – This is an eco-friendly option that is ideal for beginner Yogis, because it is soft and breathable. Crafted with fine fibres, it will keep the wearer comfortable and dry.
  • 100 Percent Cotton – With its high-stretch capability and lightweight feel, it’s not surprising that cotton is a top choice for Yoga pants, shorts, tops and hoodies.
  • Seamless – If you choose seamless fabrics, you can benefit from smooth, chafe-free clothing. Form-fitting garments of this kind are lightweight and cause no irritation to sensitive skin.
  • Compression – Want to improve recovery time, reduce muscle fatigue and minimize lactic acid build-up? If so, opt for women’s Yoga clothing made with compression materials

What To Look For

In order to stay dry during Yoga sessions, it is important that you shop for quick-drying and sweat-wicking fabrics. This is especially important if you practice Power and Bikram Yoga. You can enjoy a greater range of movement if you opt for seamlessly-engineered fabrics, because these garments are designed with fewer seams, which minimizes chafing. To maintain body temperature when in the Yoga studio, pair loose-fitting tops with camisoles, and select basic designs without belts, underwire or buttons. An elasticated waistband will give you more movement, and 100 percent opaque Yoga bottoms will give you extra confidence when practicing poses, like the Downward Dog.

Cami pants, vests, wraps, t-shirts, camisoles – whatever type of women’s Yoga clothing you are keen to invest in, make sure you take the time to research brands before making a decision. The pieces you buy should offer enough flexibility and freedom to master beginner, intermediate and advanced poses, such as Hasta Shirasana, Datta Mudra and Ashwini Mudra.

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