Wisdom Teeth and Your Local Dentistry in Waikiki

Wisdom Teeth and Your Local Dentistry in Waikiki

It is noted that the possible complications related to wisdom teeth are numerous. You should know that the 3rd lower molars, also called the wisdom teeth, often cause more problems than the top. Moreover, these problems increase in frequency after the age of 25 years. Even if you have no symptoms at the moment, it is better to extract the wisdom teeth to prevent long-term dental problems. However, opinions may differ regarding preventive extraction. Contacting your local Dentistry in Waikiki is very important if you want to remove wisdom teeth.

Some prefer to monitor asymptomatic teeth instead of extracting them, especially if radiography indicates proximity between it and the inferior alveolar nerve. In the event that such proximity may not cause damage to the nerve. Finally, in some people, space and the angle of the tooth is optimal and allow for a normal eruption. For these folks, there is no need to proceed with the extraction.

What happens during extraction?

Radiography is very useful to the surgeon when planning surgery. Depending on the inclination of the tooth, degree of inclusion and its proximity to the inferior alveolar nerve, the procedure can be changed accordingly. The surgeon will opt for a simple extraction if the tooth is present in the mouth, or a complex extraction if the tooth is under the gum or inverted. A complex extraction, also called surgical extraction, involves incising the gum, cutting the jaw bone to release the tooth and closing the incision with stitches. Sometimes it may be necessary to cut the wisdom tooth into pieces in order to remove it.

In both cases, the patient can choose whatever anesthesia option suits them best. Some people prefer to sleep while their wisdom teeth are removed. It is possible to perform surgery under local anesthesia alone, or have it accompanied by intravenous sedation. This helps patients to relax and have faded memories of the intervention. Although this is rare, it is possible to use general anesthesia, which requires hospitalization. The dentistry in Waikiki will explain the various possible options for anesthesia and advise you of the importance of your surgery, your health and your level of apprehension for extraction.

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