Winning Child Custody In Commack

Winning Child Custody In Commack

Without a doubt, divorce is difficult for everyone, but there is no dispute that child custody cases are much more traumatic and have longer lasting implications that can affect children for the rest of their lives. It doesn’t matter if parents have ever been married or are only joined together by the bond of their children, with children in the picture, chances are the adults will have to interact on some level until the children reach adulthood, and sometimes even later, if they desire to still be part of their adult children’s lives.

Unfortunately, many times one parent really doesn’t want the stress and responsibility of caring for their children on a day to day, but they desire custody only to hurt the other parent. They realize that fighting a battle over Child Custody in Commack will cause anxiety and stress to the other parent, and because they choose to punish them, the children are used as pawns. If you risk losing your children to your spouse, speaking to an attorney that handles Child Custody in Commack, such as Todd J. Zimmer and Associates, can help to turn the tide your way and let you win custody of your children, if it’s in their best interest.

One of the most important tasks you will have while preparing for your case regarding Child Custody in Commack is to document everything. Every phone call, email, text and written note should be saved. If a visit is canceled or pick up is late, write it down. If the parent is a no show for a party, doctor appointment or school conference, document it. Keep a record of it all. It may show a pattern of disinterest. It’s imperative if the parent abuses drugs or alcohol that the children be protected. Bring it to the attention of the attorney handling Child Custody in Commack right away! Your children should never be in danger or unsupervised due to a lapse in judgment.

If you’re trying to win Child Custody in Commack, remember to document it all and always be involved in your children’s lives. They’re the most important people in the case. They aren’t a prize to be won, but little people to be raised. They need to be provided for, know they’re wanted, loved and desired. If you can do this, your children will grow up knowing they’re secure and safe and that’s what counts in the end.

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