Why Your Workers Compensation Claim May Be Denied

Workers compensation is something that you are entitled to if you are a full-time employee who is hurt on the job. However, it is still possible for you to get your claim denied. There are several reasons that your claim may get denied.

No One Witnessed Your Injury

Insurance companies do not want to compensate people for un-witnessed injuries. That is why if you were the only one present at the time of the accident, then your claim may be denied. Fortunately, you can still get compensation if you hire an Illinois workers compensation lawyer.

Pre-existing Injury

This is one of the most common reasons that insurance companies deny workers compensation claims. They may try to say that you had the ongoing problem for years. However, you can still get compensation if you had a pre-existing injury. You have to prove that the accident worsened your injury.

You did not Report the Injury Immediately

There is a strict timeline that you have to follow. If you do not report the injury immediately, then there is a chance that your claim will be denied. You will have to fill out an accident report. The insurance company may try to say that your injury was caused by something that was not work-related if you do not report it immediately.

You File a Claim After You Were Fired or Laid Off

Insurance companies do not like to compensate people who were laid off or fired. They may try to say that the only reason that a person is filing a workers compensation claim is because they are seeking revenge. This is another reason that you will need to file a claim as soon as possible after your injury.

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