Why You Should Join a Broadway Review Forum

Why You Should Join a Broadway Review Forum

Are you a fan of Broadway? Do you attend shows all the time and get excited when new shows hit the stage? If so, you should join a Broadway review forum. Forums are places where people with a common like gather to discuss it in depth. Broadway forums focus on Broadway shows and nothing else. Why should you join a Broadway forum?

Read Reviews From Audience Members

Critic reviews are filled with haughty comments about acting and sets, taking the review to a level meant for theater majors in college or businessmen looking to get into the theater business. Reviews from audience members like yourself talk about what it’s like to be in a seat and watching the show for entertainment value. These reviews are for the everyday fan.

Write Reviews on Shows You’ve Seen

Do you watch Broadway shows and want to tell the whole world what you thought about, but your family and friends get tired of hearing it? Broadway forums let you submit reviews on the shows you’ve seen so that others can read your take on it. You will help to influence people and, in turn, affect Broadway business. Your raving review might entice someone to go see the play, while a bad review might keep people away from the theater. You hold the power.

Learn About New Shows Before Promotion Hits

Broadway forums are filled with insider knowledge. Some of the people have contacts inside the business and will sneak tidbits of information to fans like yourself. Someone might hear about a potential actor hitting the stage before it is announced and tell the forum about it. You will learn about new Broadway and Off-Broadway shows before the rest of the world sees the ads on TV. You will become the know-it-all of Broadway.

Make Friends That Love Broadway

Maybe you don’t have many friends that love Broadway as much as you. Sure, they might listen to you talk about the shows and even go with you to see them, but they don’t get as excited about them as you. A Broadway forum is filled with fans like you that enjoying discussing the plays and the business for hours on end. You’ll make friends that understand your love of Broadway.

Broadway Audience has an online review forum about the latest Broadway shows. Visit BroadwayAudience.com to share your Broadway show experience or views on their forums.


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