Why You Should Consider Using Kiln-Dried Firewood This Winter

Nothing beats a nice winter fire on a cold night, except maybe a fire with kiln-dried firewood. In recent years, this type of wood has become quite popular because of the benefits it offers that traditional wood doesn’t. If you are interested in kiln-dried wood, then keep reading to find out what some of these benefits are.

Healthier Wood

The wood industry deals with diseased wood on a regular basis. Since it is organic, wood makes a great home for all manner of pathogens, and these pathogens make it more difficult to burn your wood. Wood that is kiln-dried requires extremely high temperatures, and these temperatures destroy any pathogens that are present, leaving you with a clean and easy burning product.

Smokes Less

If you have ever burned wood with too much moisture, you will most likely remember the thick, annoying, and irritating smoke that the wood produced. You can avoid this by using kiln-dried wood. Thanks to the drying process, the moisture content in kiln-dried wood is extremely low, making it produce less smoke.

Burns Longer

You’ll save more money using kiln-dried wood over other wood because it has an ideal moisture level that is clean and contributes to a slower burn. Traditionally seasoned wood contains much more moisture in it than wood dried in a kiln. Because of this, traditional wood will burn more unevenly and inefficiently than kiln-dried firewood.

Because of its benefits, the popularity of kiln-dried wood has grown throughout the USA. If you’re interested in switching woods, contact Frontier Firewood today for fine kiln-dried firewood. You can also visit our website.

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