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The weight of an 18-wheeler truck is approximately 20 times that of a vehicle. It is considerably more likely that you will sustain severe injuries in a collision that involves a vehicle and a truck than it is that you would get such injuries in a collision that just involves automobiles.

You need an experienced attorney to defend you if you file a lawsuit against the trucking business that employed the driver who struck your automobile. Trucking corporations are wealthy enough to pay for your injuries but also have a lot of money set aside for legal defense, so they won’t have to. You are undoubtedly the underdog in a personal injury lawsuit if you don’t have a truck accident lawyer in Minnesota.

No Worries About Saying the Wrong Thing

When an accident causes costly damage, insurance companies may call you more than once to learn more about what happened. This can be stressful because you might worry that what you say will make the insurance adjusters think that you caused the accident.

A skilled adjuster will get you to intentionally make a mistake while unaware of what happened. It is much more distressing if you are also dealing with major injuries and the associated financial losses. With a semi truck accident lawyer, you can direct all inquiries to them.


The insurance companies interview the drivers involved in the collision and consider all available evidence, including police records. They assess who is at blame and how much the other party should be reimbursed; after making these decisions, they give you a letter proposing the compensation they find suitable. If you accept the offer letter, you waive your right to bring a claim for the accident.

Even if the insurance company’s offer sounds generous, you should speak with a truck accident lawyer in Minnesota before signing anything. As injuries can take months to emerge, you should wait to settle your claim until you are certain of their full extent.

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