Why Specialized Legal Help is Needed for Social Security Claims

Why Specialized Legal Help is Needed for Social Security Claims

As is the case with so many federal programs, Social Security has a very complex set of rules, procedures, and requirements. Because of this, it takes someone who specializes in this field to assist you in filing the necessary claims and, if needed, appeals in order to be successful in getting you the benefits that are rightly yours.

Social security lawyer Chicago will work closely with you in order to assure that all requirements are met and any additional required information is supplied. One of the biggest problems with trying to go through this rigorous process without professional help is that it’s very easy for people to omit some of the requirements, or if denied, to simply stop trying instead of filing an appeal. It can be a daunting task to keep up with all of the requirements, and knowing when it’s time to appeal is critical.

With so many details to keep track of, it’s comforting to have knowledgeable professionals who will walk you through process. The first step is to determine your eligibility. This is not as cut and dried as you may imagine and an experienced specialist is good to have. Next, a claim has to be filed and since no two cases are ever the same, a high degree of expertise is called for. Representation at a disability hearing is critical and should only be done by a professional who is intimately familiar with your case. Not all claims are accepted the first time around and this is when you need a pro in your corner to file an appeal. There are four basic parts to an appeal and they will all benefit from the skill of a Social Security Lawyer Chicago. Reconsideration is a review of your claim by someone who wasn’t involved in the original claim. A hearing before an administrative law judge may be the next step and legal representation will be a big plus. An appeals council could come next if you are appealing the hearing decision. Finally, filing a lawsuit in Federal Court to review your denied claim is the last option, and another one for which an experienced attorney should be called upon.

The Social Security laws are complex, whether you’re filing for regular benefits or disability benefits Chicago, the best thing you can do is avail yourself of professionals who know the law and are willing to work with you step by step.

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