Why Off-Campus Housing Is a Great Choice for University Students

Deciding where to live for college is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Many students like to live on-campus as freshmen and then later move off-campus for the rest of their education, which is a great idea. Because although living on-campus has its perks, like being close to classes and school resources, off-campus living has some advantages that can’t be beat. Most students who rent Louisiana State University off campus housing get a private room in a shared house, giving them plenty of space plus the company of friends.

1. You Make the Rules

As a college student, you are now an adult that can make their own decisions. However, living in a dorm or apartment on campus means you will have to follow specific rules mandated by the university. It makes sense that the school would have rules to help protect students. However, if you lived off-campus, you make the rules, and you take all the responsibility.

2. You Can Save Money

Dorms and on-campus apartments are an expensive option for living. In some cases, your rent may be up to 2x what you would pay off-campus. If you are into saving money, then you’ll want to limit your on-campus stays to one year, which is what many students do.

3. You’ll Gain More Responsibility

Living off-campus is a big step into adulthood. There’s no resident adviser or counselor to help you if and when problems arise. Living like this will help you transition into a responsible adult before you have to enter the post-graduation real world.

4. You’ll Have More Room

Dorms are small, and you usually share your space with someone else. Despite the sense of comradery that you can build with a dorm roommate, nothing is better than having your own room.

If you’re considering Louisiana State University off campus housing, contact Ion Baton Rouge. They’ll help you find the perfect accommodation for your needs.

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