Why Might You Need Special Volleyball Bags?

Why Might You Need Special Volleyball Bags?

The first reason of course is if you actually play volleyball; but, then, you might be tempted to ask – “but; won’t any old sports bag do?” Yes, any bag capable of holding the minimal amount of equipment and personal “things” that you need to take to a volleyball match will suffice; if you are tasked to bring along the balls; then there might be a case for a special volleyball ball bag.

Prestige & Team Spirit

You cannot play volleyball on your own and we do not hear much about volleyball being played in a similar manner to tennis – singles or doubles. Volleyball is usually played between two opposing teams of six, on a marked out court, with the teams separated by a net. Since the game can be played either indoors or outside (often a beach); indoor players will need footwear designed for playing volleyball as well as some lightweight clothing – apart from a towel and ,maybe, some shower room requisites; that is about all they need to carry in their Volleyball Bags.

But, for many, participation in a sport is not only about playing the game; in today’s society, sports; in general, carry a certain amount of prestige value (typified by showing the world that you take part). Designer brand sports shoes are the most visible sign of this; “look at me”, “I’m a sporty person to be much admired”; mindset.
A volleyball player is not exempt from this; but, there is an added factor. The match is between two teams and, although each team is confined to its own side of the net and there is no real need to differentiate the appearance of each team’s players; it is a strongly held belief that team spirit is improved if each member is clearly identified as being in that team. Hence, each team needs a unique identity; which starts with them wearing identical apparel – the team uniform (ideally with a prestigious logo somewhere on it; in addition to the team identifier).

The aspect of team identity spills over onto items beyond the playing court and it is considered good for your team’s morale and, maybe a tad intimidating for the opposing team; if you arrive visibly boasting your affiliation to your team. Special, designer Volleyball Bags for each team member and those associated with the team are but one way of reinforcing the team’s identity.

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