Why might you need braces?

by | Jan 29, 2014 | Dental Care

There are at least three million teens in the US that wear braces and rarely are any two reasons for them identical. Not only are there all these kids wearing braces, many adults are turning to an orthodontist in Medford as well. You may know that you have a crooked tooth and you think that an orthodontist can help but you need to consult with your dentist first as the dentist will know if it just a crooked tooth or there are issues associated with the jaw location or other malformation. The dentist will refer you to the orthodontist in Medford for consultation.

When should a child be checked?

The appropriate age to have a child checked for a potential issue is when they are about seven years old. This may seem rather early knowing that all the permanent teeth have yet to emerge, but it is at an early age when the orthodontist in Medford can screen the patient and determine if there may be a problem in the future and perhaps it can be caught and corrected early. If the orthodontist does see a possible future problem, the parents can prepare and plan for the treatment. Any adult can request a consultation with the orthodontist at any time as teeth can be corrected at any age.

The first visit to the orthodontist encompasses not more than a visual examination of the teeth, jaws and facial structure. If the orthodontist wants additional information prior to a discussion with the patient or parents, then X-Rays are often taken. If the condition is such that treatment is warranted, then the dentist takes additional X-Rays, prepares models of the patient’s teeth and photographs the mouth from a number of angles. With this information the orthodontist begins to formulate the course of action that will be taken to correct the problems.

Braces are required to move teeth around in the oral cavity until they reach the optimum position, aligned perfectly to give the best bite. There are three situations that require orthodontic treatment; an under bite where the lower jaw protrudes, an overbite where the upper jaw protrudes and crowding or improper tooth spacing. Crowding is a common situation and the teeth tend to rotate or overlap as well as growing in the wrong location.

If your dentist suggests that you consult with an orthodontist in Medford you are invited to contact Pediatric Dentistry of Suffolk County I and II.

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