Why Might You Need a Sedation Dentist in Long Island?

Why Might You Need a Sedation Dentist in Long Island?

Not everyone is comfortable with dental appointments. Often, people are nervous about going to the dentist because of an unpleasant dental experience in the past. Others might feel ill at ease because they have neglected the health of their teeth and allowed years to go by without dental care. If you are one of these people, you do not have to feel afraid of the dentist any longer. Through a sedation dentist in Long Island, you can receive the dental treatments you need, without the nervousness and apprehension.

How Does a Sedation Dentist in Long Island Help Nervous Patients?

Many people avoid the dentist simply because of their fear. When a person has a bad experience at the dentist, this can often make them afraid of having further dental work done. To help people suffering from dental office anxiety, there is a form of dentistry called sedation dentistry. This can assist patients in feeling calm during their dental procedure, allowing them to have the dental services they need.

Depending on the dental work you are having done and the degree of anxiety you feel, the dentist can either give you a calming medication or can completely sedate you. Calming medication is often given to patients when they first arrive at the dentist. This makes them feel relaxed and at ease while they have simple procedures carried out, like teeth cleaning and exams.

For those with more pronounced issues, sedation can be achieved. Some people are only able to deal with fillings and tooth extractions when they are under anesthesia. For these people, sedation dentistry provides a welcome method of helping them to overcome their nervousness and even fear over dental procedures.

Dr. Michael Berger and Dr. Jody Waddell

This dental service is also perfect for children who need extensive dental work done. Since a child can become fearful and have difficulty being still during a procedure, anesthesia methods can often be used so this work can be carried out. This makes it safer and less intimidating for the child.

If you are in need of sedation dentistry and want to learn more about this service, visit ultimate dentistry. They will be glad to give you more information and provide you with the dental services you need, to keep your smile healthy.

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