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Smokers might not love the taste of their cigarettes, but that doesn’t mean putting them aside is easy. When there’s a need to wean from nicotine while also breaking the psychological addiction, e juice flavors can make all the difference. By creating a more pleasant experience that is similar to smoking, this method has helped many people break the habit once and for all.

What to Expect from E Juice Flavors

There are a variety of e juice flavors to choose at Mt Baker Vapor like; traditional cigarette, menthol flavors, spices, sweets, juices and more. When this liquid replaces a cigarette, the smoker will enjoy the option to taste a better flavor while still gaining access to the nicotine the body craves.

Why Quit This Way?

There are a number of reasons people opt for e juice flavors to help them quit smoking. Unlike gum, patches and prescription medications, an E-Cigarette addresses both sides of the addiction:

  • Physical dependency – Cigarettes contain a drug called nicotine. This drug can form a physical dependence in smokers who are truly addicted to the habit, making those who try to quit suffer through terrible withdrawals. By using e juice flavors that contain nicotine, want-to-be quitters can pace themselves as the body gradually adjusts to life without nicotine. In this fashion, an E-Cigarette is much like the patch or gum. The juice helps break the physical dependency.
  • Psychological addiction – The physical side of smoking involves the habits that form around the actual act of smoking. Smokers, for example, may become very used to holding a cigarette in their hands. They can crave puffing on something. This side of the habit isn’t physical, but it can still be very powerful nonetheless. E-Cigarettes address this by giving smokers something to hold on to as they wean themselves from nicotine.

In addition to taking the addiction head on, E-Cigs are very cost effective. A starter kit costs about as much as a carton of cigarettes. E juice flavors are also pretty darn affordable (costing about as much as a pack of smokes).

There’s no reason to think kicking the habit is impossible. E juice flavors and e cigs make it very possible.

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