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To the uninitiated nothing looks quite as simple and straight forward as painting; all that is needed is a brush and roller, a can of paint and a weekend. There could be nothing farther from the truth. Ask any University Place WA painting company and they will tell you that painting is not necessarily hard but to do it right and to make sure it is perfect when completed then you should think twice before taking on the job yourself.

• Safety: If you are going to paint the basement floor that is one thing, if however you are going to paint anything else then you will be above ground and using a ladder or scaffolding and they can be dangerous. You should also consider that painting means dust and fumes; these are things that you might want to avoid, especially if you tend to suffer from allergies.

• Preparation: The application of the paint is perhaps the least difficult; preparing the surface takes a lot of time and must be done right. If you want the paint job to last for some time then surface preparation is one of the important keys.

• Health: If your home was built anytime before 1978 it may have originally been painted with lead-based paint. Lead based paint has since been banned as it is known to cause serious health problems when it is sanded and scraped and subsequently inhaled. A professional University Place WA painting company knows how to deal with this, protecting the painters as well as the people living in the home from any ill effects.

• Cleanup and disposal: Painting is a dirty job, the mess has to be cleaned up and the debris disposed of. When you hire a painting company this problem is theirs, not yours. +66Some residue and leftovers from a painting job can be considered as hazardous waste and must be disposed of properly.

Once you recognize the benefits of hiring a painting company in University Place WA the job of finding a good one begins. What is it that matters; price, number of years in business, the size of the company, etc? The truth is, all of these considerations are important.

House painting is a service, it is easy to say that our company is best but that is not always the case. When hiring a painting company the best advertising is word of mouth. Ask your friends, neighbors, family members, etc if they have hired a painter and if so, what was their experience.

Once you get three or four names of painting companies that come recommended, check that they are fully licensed and insured and fully aware of safety and environmental compliance.

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