Why Do People Go To Facilities That Offer DOT Drug Testing in Charleston WV

by | Jun 3, 2014 | Health

Collecting and testing urine, medically referred to as urinalysis, is one of the more commonly used type of tests used in facilities that offer DOT Drug Testing Charleston WV. Most employees sign forms when they get hired that are agreements to be screened and tested for drugs at any time upon their employer’s request. When an employer requests a drug test, employees will be sent to a facility that offers DOT Drug Testing Charleston WV for the test to be conducted.

When the employee goes to the facility, they will be given a specifically designed cup for urine testing. The employee has to go to the bathroom at the facility and urinate in the cup. Then, the facility sends the cup to a laboratory and has the urine screened for a number of different drugs. Facilities that offer DOT Drug Testing Charleston WV are required to test for at least five controlled substances:

* Marijuana

* Cocaine

* Amphetamines and Methamphetamines

* Opiates

* Phencyclidine (PCP)

Some employers send their employees to a facility for DOT drug testing and a physical examination before they will even hire them. This is not, however, the only reason why you might be sent to one of these facilities. If you get hurt while you are working or you caused an accident, you are going to be tested to make sure being under the influence of drugs is not what caused the accident. It is also not uncommon for both drivers of a vehicle accident to be sent to one of these facilities for testing. This is especially true if there is a personal injury claim involved. Employers also like to randomly test their employees from time to time just to make sure no one working for them is under the influence of any drugs.

It is not uncommon for medical facilities that offer DOT drug testing to offer physical exams, vaccinations, and other types of testing as well. This is because employers prefer to find one facility to send their employees to for both physicals and drug screening. By offering all of these medical services, a facility is able to increase their business. Visit their website Physicalexamsinc.com

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