Why Consider a Luxury Condo with Hotel Services in NYC

Why Consider a Luxury Condo with Hotel Services in NYC

Everyone wants to be waited on and feel luxurious no matter who they are. However, it can actually happen for those people who buy a luxury condo with hotel services in NYC. New York City is a happening place. It seems that everyone wants to get a taste of the Big Apple, and those that are used to the finer things in life will ultimately want to have a luxury condo they can call home. However, for some, the benefits may not be plain and they may not think of all the great benefits they receive.

Complete Access to Hotel Amenities

Amenities are part of the reason people enjoy going to hotels. They get to do things they don’t usually get to do. However, wouldn’t it be great to live in a place all the time where you still got to have all the little niceties you used to only get on vacation? You would have full access to amenities provided by the hotel, such as a restaurant and bar, spas and fitness rooms, pools and concierge service.

In some cases, you can even hire the restaurant chef to cook specific meals for entertaining purposes or hire a bartender to mix drinks for a cocktail party. Of course, you will be paying extra for the extra services, but it can mean having a great party or having an okay time.

You will also benefit from not having to go out to work out or visit a spa. Everyone is busy and no one really has time to travel to and from gyms and spas. However, if the hotel includes these benefits, then your condo will come with them, as well.


Home maintenance is important because things break. Having a maintenance person on staff is incredibly helpful because you don’t have to sit and wait for them to arrive or call a lot of different people to try and find one that will work for you and be there when you need them. They are already on the staff and are just a quick call away.

Your condo may also come with personal shopping services. It may seem like a dream and you may not think you need these services, but once you start using them, you will wonder how you ever managed without them. If you don’t have time to go grocery shopping, consider using those services to have your items picked up for you.

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