Why Bed Sores Lawyer in Rockland County, NY may be Needed

by | Feb 11, 2014 | Lawyers

If you have a loved one that is in need of long-term care, whether they have an emergency medical situation that causes them to be in the hospital for an extended period of time or they have to be placed in a facility for long-term or permanent care, you’ll depend on these facilities to treat your family member or friend as well as possible. The last thing you want to consider is a facility being negligent in the type of care that they offer your friend or family member. There are many different situations that can arise because of negligence but bedsores or pressure sores as they are often called can result from the negligence of the caregivers in these hospitals or care facilities. That’s why you may need to contact a Bed Sores Lawyer in Rockland County, NY.

What will be important for Rockland Injury Lawyers to determine is the cause of the bedsores. In some cases, people develop bedsores in short order and this may not necessarily indicate negligence. There are also conditions that can make a person more susceptible to bedsores as well as side effects from certain medications. In any case, negligence may not be the issue involving a friend or family member receiving long-term care at a medical facility who happens to have bedsores.

However, in most instances, bedsores are one of the leading indicators of negligence. When a person is not receiving the correct amount of attention or the proper types of care, bedsores can be the result of this negligence. In addition, bedsores can lead to more serious conditions and if left to long can become fatal. This is why if you notice bedsores on a friend or loved one who is staying in a long-term care facility or an extended stay at a hospital, there may be questions about inattentive caregivers or negligence that may require legal action.

Nobody likes to think that they will have to retain a Bed Sores Lawyer in Rockland County, NY when it comes to the long-term care that a friend or family member is receiving in a medical facility. However, you can’t simply ignore this problem and if you notice bedsores on a friend or family receiving long-term care, it’s important that you speak with an attorney as quickly as possible.


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