Why are Compression Sleeves For Arms Needed?

Why are Compression Sleeves For Arms Needed?

When a woman goes through breast cancer, it can be one of the hardest things she will ever face in her life. No one wants to hear the word cancer when talking with their doctor about their diagnosis. If you are a woman who has had breast cancer and ended up needing a mastectomy, you are certainly not alone. Millions of women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year, but the good news is, many are still alive. Unfortunately, part of the treatment of removing the cancer also involves removing lymph nodes. When large numbers of lymph nodes are removed from an area of the body, this can cause some health concerns. To ensure your health after a mastectomy and lymph node removal procedure, there are many products available to assist you. One of the most promising is Compression Sleeves For Arms. These sleeves help to stop the swelling, pain and discomfort often experienced by mastectomy patients.

Why are Compression Sleeves So Important for Cancer Patients?

When the lymph nodes have been removed from the body, there is impaired function in the body’s ability to remove lymph fluid from one part of the body to another. This often causes a condition in the body called Lymphedema. When Lymphedema occurs, the body begins to swell in the area with impaired drainage. This can cause massive swelling, pain and pressure in the area that can be difficult to overcome. This is why many mastectomy and lymph node removal patients must be very careful in their activity level. Certain activities, like repetitive motion and riding on an airplane can cause severe swelling. To help avoid these issues, Compression Sleeves For Arms can be worn. These can help to protect these areas where lymph nodes were removed, to reduce the risk of the patient developing Lymphedema.

Compression sleeves can be worn on the upper arm during activities that are known to put the body at risk. They are completely comfortable and help to support your arm, so you do not experience pain. If you have had lymph nodes removed from your arm and want to learn more about Compression Sleeves For Arms visit mastectomyshop.com. They offer a wide array of products for breast cancer patients and can assist you in purchasing the perfect ones for your needs.

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