While Traveling Opt for Pet Boarding in Lombard, IL

While Traveling Opt for Pet Boarding in Lombard, IL

Often, when people have pets and they are going away on vacation, they take their pets with them or make arrangements for someone to come to the home and care for their pets while they are gone. But, there are times with neither of these options are available. For instance, pet owners may need to travel suddenly, such as in the event of a death in the family, and they may not be able to bring their pets along or find someone on such short notice to care for their beloved four-footed family members. This is when boarding kennels can come in really handy.


There are many benefits to Pet Boarding in Lombard. For instance, pets receive plenty of attention throughout the day and evening, which they don’t get from someone who is just coming to the home to feed them while their owners are away. Pets that are in boarding facilities also receive medical care if it is necessary. Medicines and special foods are given to pets that have health issues and require pills or specialized diets.

Pets that are in boarding kennels get lots of exercise. There are three large play areas for pets at Belle Aire Kennels, along with outdoor runs and large interior spaces. There are separate areas for cats, as well as rooms for other small pets like birds, rabbits, hamsters, and many other animals. Pets of all ages are welcome, including senior pets that require specialized care.

When pet owners opt for Pet Boarding in Lombard, they can be sure that their pets are going to receive plenty of attention. They get one-on-one play time with trained staff members for up to 40 minutes each day, as well as four to six hours of day-care play. Pets also receive private cuddle time, as well as treat time, with ice cream that is made specifically for pets. To learn more about the many services offered for pet owners, including grooming and day-care, click here. Clients are welcome to visit the facilities before boarding their pets so they know that their furry friends will have the best of care while they are away.

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