Which Rural Homeowners Aren’t Required to Have Septic System Installation in Lima Ohio?

Septic System Installation in Lima Ohio is required for any residential property that is not connected with a municipal septic system. The only other legal option for nearly all Ohio residents is a holding tank that must be emptied as recommended. The septic system acts as a private water treatment system, sending the liquids out to a drain field for filtering and holding the solids in the tank.

Religious Groups

Which Ohio residents aren’t required to follow these rules? Primarily, exceptions are made for followers of certain religious who that do not believe in having modern equipment like plumbing in their homes. In Ohio, that includes the Amish and the Mennonites. These groups are very small in number, and they are allowed to have outhouses instead of indoor bathrooms.

Existing Homes vs. New Construction

Typically, only Amish and Mennonite homes that already exist are allowed to avoid having a septic system. The outhouses are grandfathered in, so to speak. New construction must comply with health codes and include Septic System Installation in Lima Ohio. Members of these religious groups usually do not build new houses, but it does happen. This can cause a great deal of controversy in regard to the wastewater treatment system requirements.

Problems With Outhouses

The problem with the average residential outhouse is that it does not include an approved concrete pit underneath, as can be found in some rural parks and similar venues. Without a concrete basin, waste material may begin escaping into soil and groundwater, which can pollute water wells.

Septic Systems: A Safer Option

A septic system is installed so the drain field is a certain distance from any water well, just in case the field begins to fail one day in the far future. There are plenty of signs that this is starting to occur, so that technicians can be called in to address the problem promptly. Companies like Bluffton Aeration Services install, inspect, maintain and service septic tanks and all the components. The homeowners must have the tank pumped occasionally, as it eventually will become too full. Visit the website to learn more about this particular company. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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