When Your Freedom is in Jeopardy, You Need the Best Criminal Attorney in Massapequa, NY

When Your Freedom is in Jeopardy, You Need the Best Criminal Attorney in Massapequa, NY

The presumption of the defendant’s innocence in a criminal trial is not explicitly stated in the Constitution of the United States, but is derived from the 5th, 6th and 14th Amendments. While the presumption of innocence has been the foundation of many nations’ legal systems, beginning in ancient Rome, it is still not a factor in many countries today. The ‘presumption’ means that the state must prove the defendant’s guilt, the defendant does not have to prove his/her innocence and the judge or jury must only consider the facts presented to the court and make no assumptions as to the defendant’s guilt.

When someone has been accused of a crime, their attorney becomes the most important person in their life. It is the attorney’s job to know every detail of the case. He is the advocate for his client’s rights and his sole protection against the power of the state. A criminal attorney ensures that the law is followed and the state does not steamroller the defendant.

Experience is an invaluable attribute to look for when choosing a criminal attorney. Whether the verdict is ‘Innocent’ or ‘Guilty’ may hinge on a small detail that might be overlooked by someone inexperienced. Prosecutors and police officers make mistakes and it is also the job of the criminal attorney to ensure that these mistakes do not jeopardize his client. No one wants their case to be treated as ‘just another case’. Whether the defendant is innocent or guilty of the accused crime, his rights remain the same and he deserves a strong, knowledgeable and enthusiastic defense. Anything less is a stain on the rights of all Americans.

Gregory R. LaMarca has been effectively providing legal services for over 22 years to citizens in Nassau County, NY and Massapequa, NY. He aggressively defends the rights and freedoms of his clients with an effective defense focused on obtaining the best result possible. Mr. LaMarca understands that each situation is unique, whether it is case involving criminal or maritime law or personal injury. He received his Juris Doctorate in 1992 from Touro College and is a member of both the New York and Connecticut Bar Associations. Anyone who needs a Criminal Attorney in Massapequa, NY should seriously consider consulting this well-regarded attorney.

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