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Wrongful death can be a delicate subject, and a somewhat complicated one as well. If you are struggling with your feelings about whether you need to hire a wrongful death attorney in Des Moines, IA., this article was written to help you understand some of the most important things that you need to know.

Perhaps the most important thing that you need to be aware of is that there is a time limit regarding wrongful death claims. If your loved one died due to something another person (or an entity like a business) did or failed to do, the case may qualify as wrongful death and you need to know that you deserve to be compensated for your loss. There is only a two-year period in which you can file a wrongful death claim in Iowa. For your own benefit, it is always best to file the claim as soon as you feel comfortable doing so. This allows you time to gather all the information that you would like to share with your wrongful death attorney in Des Moines, IA, and it gives your attorney the time that they need to examine the evidence, conduct interviews, do investigations, and build the strong case that will get you the compensation you are entitled to.

Another thing you should know about wrongful death cases in Iowa is that not every person is entitled to file such as claim, however the rules for this can be complicated. Basically, if you are a surviving spouse or a surviving child you can file a wrongful death claim. If you are a stepchild, you can usually also file a claim. Beyond that, non-relatives can often file claims, however a non-relative will have to prove that they relied on the person who passed away for financial support. Additionally, to qualify to get a wrongful death award, a non-related person must have resided in the household of the deceased for at least 180 days before the time of their untimely death. If you are in this position, your lawyer can help you prove your claim and your right to compensation, even if you aren’t related. Visit Business Name.

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