When to Hire a Real Estate Attorney in Beaver Dam WI

Real Estate Attorneys are hired by property owners to advise on legal aspects of real estate transactions and to act as litigators when disputes arise. Hiring a Real Estate Attorney in Beaver Dam WI can be a good idea depending on the specific legal issue or type of transaction with which you are involved.

Residential Transactions

Typical residential transactions involve the buying and selling of personal residences. A lawyer may not be necessary when both parties are represented by competent real estate agents. Hiring one can certainly bring peace of mind to clients that their interests are being represented. However, residential real estate transactions with unique or complicated situations, such as property that was inherited or purchasing a property that was bank-owned, would benefit from an attorney.

For Sale By Owner

People who are not using a real estate agent when selling their property should contact a real estate attorney before listing the home. Purchase offers should also be reviewed by an attorney because once they become signed by both parties, it becomes a legal contract. Documents can be purchased online to create the legal documents for a sale by owner. However, the canned language may leave a party to the sale contractually obligated to something that they did not intend. An attorney can protect their client’s interest in a sale by owner.

Commercial Transactions

Whether buying, selling, or leasing commercial space, the protections provided to buyers, sellers, or tenants in commercial transactions are not as substantial as in residential transactions. It is always advisable to hire a real estate attorney for commercial transactions. An attorney’s expertise in reviewing or drafting legal documents is essential to ensuring that a client does not act against their own best interests.

Choosing a Real Estate Attorney

When hiring a Real Estate Attorney in Beaver Dam WI, make sure to look for an attorney that has sufficient experience for the particular issue the client is facing. Ask a prospective attorney how they would handle your case. An experienced attorney will be able to provide some sort of outline of the actions that would need to take place. Be wary of an attorney that just gives vague assurances. Visit the Website for more information about how a skilled real estate attorney can add value to a real estate transaction. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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