When to Call a Personal Injury Attorney in Waycross, GA

A jogger is running through a local park in her city in Georgia when they are suddenly attacked and bitten by a large German Shepherd. They go to the emergency room to get treated and contact the dog’s owner about the medical bills but they don’t want to take responsibility for. At this time, the victim can let it go, but it is probably best to get an attorney involved to help them get compensated. A personal injury attorney in Waycross, GA will help people like the jogger get their rightful compensation in a personal injury lawsuit.

Understanding the Laws about Personal Injuries in Georgia

The statute of limitations for personal injuries in Georgia is two years from the date of the accident or incident. In the case of the jogger, if they fail to file their lawsuit in that time frame, they will lose the opportunity to have their case heard unless the circumstances are extenuating. They will also become responsible for paying all medical expenses since they won’t be awarded any damages. Victims should contact an attorney immediately after they are bitten and have received treatment.

More About Personal Injury Laws in Georgia

In some states, laws are in place that give a dog owner a “one-bite rule” advantage, meaning the owner can get a break the first time the dog bites someone. In Georgia, this rule does not apply, and the owner of the dog is liable for any injuries caused to another person. In the case of the jogger, this should work to their advantage, especially if they can show that the dog was not on a leash or properly restrained. Getting a lawyer will help dog-bite victims develop a better case.

An Attorney in Waycross, Georgia

People in Georgia who have been injured through no fault of their own can find many lawyers who will handle their cases. Farrar, Hennesy & Tanner, LLC is a law firm that helps clients with personal injury cases in Waycross and the surrounding areas. If a person wants to consult with a personal injury attorney in Waycross, GA, this law firm is available. More information can be found at Fhtlawyers.com.

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