When Should You Call an Ac Repair Company in Jacksonville FL?

The obvious answer to when should you call an AC repair company in Jacksonville FL is when your Ac is malfunctioning, but there are other times you should be picking up the phone as well. Waiting to establish a relationship with a trusted AC repair company in Jacksonville FL until something goes wrong can be risky!

Form That Relationship

Most people do not pay a lot of attention to their AC system until something goes wrong, as a matter of fact many times something goes wrong with their AC system is because no one is paying attention. The time to call on a trusted company is when your AC is running fine and you just need:

  • Maintenance
  • A tune up

There are clear advantages to having your system maintenance regularly and to have a tune up when it is needed. Your air conditioning system is a machine and like all machines it needs regular professional attention to keep it running as it should. Of course, it does not hurt to have an expert technician that is familiar with your equipment on call to make repairs when they are necessary. If you form a relationship with a trusted repair service before things break it will give you an advantage.

When to Call

Once you have established a relationship with a company through regular maintenance any time any of the following occurs call on the service:

  1. Unusual noise from the system
  2. A drop-in air circulation
  3. Inability to maintain the temperature
  4. Complete shut off

If your system is making an unusual noise, you need to have someone with experience come and look. If your system is not producing the same level of air circulation that it normally does, or it cannot maintain the temperature, call on Jenkins Heating & Air!

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