What You Need To Know About E-Cigarette Liquid

What You Need To Know About E-Cigarette Liquid

In the very early days of e-cigarettes one of the biggest barriers that prevented people from switching from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes was the lack of a true smoking experience when inhaling. This sensation, is known as the throat hit; the tingling, pleasant sensation in the back of the mouth and throat that comes with smoking an actual cigarette.

The e-cigarette liquid provides the flavor that you will experience when smoking your electronic cigarette, but the chemical composition of the liquid determines the intensity of the throat hit.

New Options

New e-cigarette liquid technology has developed a throat hit in nicotine juice that is identical to that experienced with traditional types of tobacco products.

Most e-cigarette liquid is just three simple ingredients, VG, or vegetable glycerin and PG or, propylene glycol, and water. The third and much smaller component includes both coloring and flavoring.

VG and PG

VG, as the name implies, is made up of vegetable byproducts. It is considered to be natural and has no known health issues and is used in many food products as well as skin care products. VG e-cigarette liquid types tend to be thicker and have a sweet taste with high vapor production. It has less of a throat hit than PG e-cigarette liquid types.

PG e-cigarette liquid is naturally sweet and thin, so it is less stressful on e-cigarette atomizers and coils. It is also found in foods and skin care products and it is considered safe for use by the FDA.

E-cigarette users may prefer e-cigarette liquid options that are higher in PG if they like a definite throat hit. However, it is important to note that some people may have an allergic like reaction or sensitivity to PG that will stop when use is discontinued.

Many e-cigarette smokers prefer a blend of PG and VG in their e cigarette liquid composition. Some of the top vapor companies allow you to choose your own percentages, up to 100%, of PG and VG as strong as an 80/20 mix of either chemical. For more information visit Domain URL

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