What You Need to Know about Car Insurance

What You Need to Know about Car Insurance

Driving without a car insurance is not only a serious offense but also dangerous. One of the indications that you are a responsible driver is when you think about your safety and that of other road users. Buying an insurance policy for your car is the best way to show that road safety is a priority to you. There are different types of car insurance policies that you can buy. What you buy is because of a combination of several factors. These factors include your needs, the type of car that you own and the requirements by law. It is important to understand each of these factors when you are buying insurance policies for your car.

Requirements by law- There are several types of policies that one can buy for their car. When choosing these policies one should consider which policies the law demands each driver to have. It is also crucial to understand the minimum coverage the law states. This is because when you fail to have this coverage, you are breaching the law. Car insurance Philly laws demand that a driver should have a liability policy. This policy covers any claims made against you in case you cause an accident and someone is injured or you damage property. The minimum amount the law requires is $15000 dollars per person and $30 000 per incident, it is normally written as 15/30. The law also requires one to buy first party car insurance policy, this policy covers your medical bills regardless of who was responsible for the accident. The minimum amount for this coverage is $5000. You can buy more than the stated amount but you cannot buy less.

Type of car- The model of car that you drive plays a significant role when you are buying car insurance Philly. If you own an expensive car or a sports car, the type of insurance cover that you get and the cost varies. For example, sports cars are generally associated with high speeds, therefore when you buy one; the insurance company assumes that you will be driving the car at high speeds. Consequently, the risk of you being in an accident becomes higher. This in turn makes them charge you higher rates. It is advisable when buying a car to think about the cost of insuring it.

Personal needs- Apart from the car insurance policies that are mandatory, insurance companies have several policies that a car owner can opt to buy. Depending on their personal needs some people will buy insurance covers for things like fire, collision or under insured motorist. You can consider some of the possible risks and buy coverages for them. This varies from one individual to another.

When buying Car insurance Philly it is important to think about all these factors. Get all the information that you need before buying any policy. Learn more from www.imperialagency.com.

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