What You Need to Know About a Good Dog Day Care in Naperville?

What You Need to Know About  a Good Dog Day Care in Naperville?

If you are have a busy lifestyle that requires you to spend the whole day at work, getting a dog day care will be great for your pet. At the day care, your dog will get to interact with other dogs as well as getting some human company. When you leave the dog at home, he or she may become destructive because if he or she has a lot of energy. Your dog might also end up suffering from separation anxiety. Here are a few of the tips that will help you get a great dog day care in Naperville.


Look at the play setup of the dog day care

A day care facility should be clean and well ventilated. When you are inspecting the business, watch for places that have unusual odors. If a business smells like it was cleaned by pouring bleach on every surface, you may need to get think of other facilities, as you do not need to have your dog inhaling that harsh smell all day.

Next, look at the play area carefully. Make sure that safety is reinforced in the area the dogs use for playing. For instance, a body slam from a lab is enough to break the legs of an Italian greyhound. Make sure the caretaker is watching the animals as they play. Another common playground accident is what is known as predatory drift. This is a situation where the running and squealing of a smaller dog could lead to larger dogs thinking it is prey and running after it. This could lead to serious injuries for the smaller dog. A place where the play area for larger dogs is separate from that of smaller dogs reduces risks of injury.

Health issues

If you care about the health of your dog, you will not simply drop it off at any day care without checking to see if the other animals are well screened. The level of screening that your own dog will receive will give you an idea on the level of screening.

These and many more are things that you need to be concerned about when choosing dog day care in Naperville. Belle Aire Kennels is one of the best day care providers in the area. Go to website to learn about the services they offer.

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