What Will be Public on Jail Bond Records in Georgetown, TX

Being suspected and charged with a crime can really change your life, and chances are good that you don’t want everyone around you to know about your recent run-in with the law. Since many court documents are public information, you will want to make sure that you know what kind of information will be made public for people to read and learn about, and what information will not. Jail bond records are often public, but not all information regarding an arrest is.

What Will be Public

Because jail bond records in Georgetown, TX are filed with the court, information about the bond amount and the bail bond agency will be public and available for others to read. The document will state not only what agency supplied the bond and how much was provided, but also the charge on which you were arrested.

What Won’t be Public

Although you can get a lot of information from public jail bond records, some information will be private, which gives people peace of mind. Any personal information that was given to the bail bond agency will not be supplied on the record and is not considered public information. Additionally, since bondsmen have a code of ethics to which they adhere, you don’t have to worry about them telling everyone your confidential information.

Being suspected of a crime and arrested is very scary, even when you work with a skilled bail bond agency to get out of jail right away. It’s normal to have questions about the process and to wish that you had guidance and help during this time. Click here for more information about the bail bond process, what you can expect, and what type of information others will be able to find out about you after your arrest. When you understand the process, you will have peace of mind.

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