What To Look For In Top CrossFit Shoes For Men

What To Look For In Top CrossFit Shoes For Men

In your WOD you will have to be prepared for just about anything, which is why it is important to find the best CrossFit shoes for men that are designed just for this particular type of activity.

Shoes For Men

One of the biggest mistakes that men make when starting CrossFit is to trying to get by with either a running shoe or a cross training shoe. These are great shoes for those respective activities, but they are designed to support your feet correctly only with a limited range of actions and movements. They are not designed to provide the full protection, support and cushion that you need for the much more demanding aspects of CrossFit training.

Minimal Drop

There are many different brands of CrossFit shoes for men available at Boxfreak that are designed with minimal drop. While running shoes with a zero drop are great, you do want a slight drop to be able to provide more balance and support when lifting weights and jumping up or down, especially if you have any foot or heel issues. For those that don’t have these issues, a zero drop or barefoot style of CrossFit shoe can be a perfect option.

Shoes For Men1Lightweight

Bulky and heavy CrossFit shoes for men are definitely a drawback to a good workout. Look for a brand and model that is lightweight but that doesn’t skimp on support or cushioning. New design technology and different options in materials, both on the upper areas as well as the soles means that you don’t have to compromise lightweight for strength, durability and support.


When you are working out, any of the best CrossFit training shoes for men should have a natural, comfortable feel. The best shoes for your feet will allow you to just focus on your workout; you won’t even notice that you have the shoes on. Wearing the shoes will never cause your feet to feel restricted, cramped or create any areas of rubbing or sensitivity.

Not all brands and all models and styles of CrossFit shoes for men are right for everyone. Make sure you try on different styles and see which designs and options feel best on your feet before you make a purchase. For more information, check out at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4RkBrjKGMQ&list=UUUErVsQNjoK0u8zkPkxTkDQ

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