What to Look for in Senior Care in Decatur, GA

Aging can be a wonderful process of life. What can be painful is seeing family members with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and memory loss problems slip away. It can be frustrating for them, as well as for you because there isn’t currently a cure for these medical issues. This is when you look for the best memory and senior care for your family member.

Safe, Calming Environment

In looking for senior care in Decatur, GA, it’s important that you and your loved ones feel safe. Look for a calming environment that is designed well. When you drive up to the facility, do you feel safe? When you go in, is the environment calming with neutral color tones or bright cheerful ones? Color and design can heavily influence your subconscious so you want to be sure the environment, as well as the private room your loved one will occupy, is in an environment they will enjoy.

Personal, Private Space

Living in a senior care facility doesn’t mean you lose your personal and private space. Look for private rooms that are either fully furnished or allow you to furnish them with your own personal touches. The bathroom should have step-in showers and other safety features.

Programs Geared to You

It’s important a senior care facility offers programs that are engaging and help strengthen the body and the mind/memory connection. Several exercises that are simple to perform but important in keeping motor skills and mental agility working should be included in the facilities offerings of cognitive conditioning. The best facilities incorporate an integrative, holistic approach to care, utilizing cognitive, community, creative, motivational, physical, social and spiritual modalities.

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