What to Look for in an Equipment Supplier for Your Mobile-Equipment Plant

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When you’re running a warehouse, sorting station, or any other type of facility that requires the use of mobile equipment, it’s critical that you find the right supplier. After all, when you’ve got material to move, you don’t have time for downtime. Here’s what to look for in a supplier, and it doesn’t matter if you need a forklift battery or an entire forklift.

What to Look for

First and foremost, the right material-handling equipment supplier will have an exhaustive inventory. Look for a firm that displays what they rent and sell clearly on their website. The right supplier will make it easy for you to find and then rent or buy, whatever your operation needs.

It’s best to work with a group that operates out of many locations. A national, or even international, team is going to be more likely to get you the equipment you need quickly because they are used to dealing with all types of operations and situations.

Additionally, go with a team that stresses environmental responsibility and promotes a culture of safety. This may not seem relevant to finding the specific forklift you need, but a team that cares about these things is more likely to care about coming through for you and your material-moving operation.

Go with an equipment supplier that has what you need. Whether you require a forklift battery or a whole fleet of riding scrubbers, turn to the friendly professionals at Russell Equipment, Inc. for all of your material handling equipment needs.

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