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When you make the decision to make your home or office as healthy as possible, you need to find ways to introduce negative ions into the air. The amount of electrical pollutants people introduce into their home and office can cause them to feel fatigued, have chronic pain and suffer from various diseases. If you are looking for a way to introduce the negative ions into your home, the best way is with Himalayan salt crystal lamps. It is important to understand exactly where to place and how to use your lamps to reap the most benefits.

The Best Location

The Himalayan salt crystal lamps are meant to promote relaxation, decrease stress and promote good health. This means you should place your lamp in the area of your home in which you will be the most able to accept the benefits of the lamp. For most people, this is in their bedroom or other room of their home in which they typically rest, relax and unwind for the day. Other people prefer to place their lamp in areas, such as the dining room or kitchen, where they spend a large majority of their time.

Length of Time

When you use Himalayan crystal salt lamps, the longer you keep them on, the more benefits you will receive. The longer the lamp runs, the more negative ions are released into your home, helping you neutralize the electronic pollution your home experiences. Many people leave their lamps on all night because they use up little electricity but offer a large number of benefits as they sleep.


When you are searching for the perfect salt lamp for your room, you should ensure you are purchasing the right size for your room. If you are trying to neutralize a large room, you need a larger lamp. If you do not want to use a larger lamp, you can purchase several small lamps and place them strategically around the room to offer the most benefits for you and your family.

The Himalayan crystal salt lamps are the most natural, easy to introduce a health environment into your home. All it takes is to plug your lamp in and allow it to run as long as possible in your room. Finding the right size and location will also ensure you receive the most benefits from your new lamp.

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