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Urban agriculture in Denver is part of a trend where urban communities are creating sustainable, food-producing neighborhood community gardens. You can find urban gardens such as Denver Urban Gardens across the six metro Denver counties, with more than 192 gardens and 70 school-based community gardens. People come together to produce food and connect with the earth.

What Are Urban Gardens?

You can find urban agriculture in Denver across the entire metro area. People in the communities come together and grow organic food. There are companies that recruit and support garden leadership, and they negotiate garden use agreements. They run the gardens so that community members can enjoy them. They also offer programs to help people grow food and regenerate urban green space. These organizations also help design and build gardens and link new gardens with local food system projects.

How to Start a New Garden

Urban agriculture in Denver is growing in popularity as people want to reduce malnutrition and obesity rates. You can work with an agency that helps communities build these gardens. They will prioritize areas where there is a greater need for access to healthy food, and they expect gardens to work with the community, neighborhood, and school. You need to have a plan for the garden funding, and there must be access to water. In addition, you cannot be within a mile of a garden that is less than 100% capacity. If you qualify, you can start your community garden and get the support you need.

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