What to Know About Real Estate Law Firms in Chicago

The law, in itself, is a very detailed and scary thing when a person is unfamiliar with the laws and the situation. As people are encountered with problems, they often wonder if they need to hire an attorney and if so, what type of attorney should they hire. Listed below are a few key details to help people learn what they should know about Real Estate Law Firms in Chicago.

Real Estate Law Firms Handle Rights of Property

A real estate attorney is an experienced person who can be counted on to be familiar with the property laws in their state. They can represent buyers of property as well as people selling property. Their sole job is to make their clients familiar with the law and represent them to protect their rights. Real estate attorneys will ensure the zoning laws are reviewed as well as any information about property conditions that may affect the sale of the property.

Real Estate Law Firms Handle Landlord and Tenant Rights

When people are leasing or renting a property, there may be legal questions from either the tenant or the landlord. A real estate lawyer will advise the client they are representing on what their rights are. In cases of eviction, an attorney will need to be hired to enforce the terms written out in the original lease signed by both parties.

Real Estate Law Firms Handle Property Closings

House closings or commercial property closings are typically either performed at the title office or at a real estate law firm. A closing attorney is present to represent the buyer of the property to prevent any surprises in the paperwork from the seller. They will typically review everything and advise their client. Attorney fees are almost always present in the closing of a property.

While many real estate lawyers handle other types of law, they can be very beneficial when representing their clients and their rights pertaining to property. If they are not familiar with the questions or type of law you may need them for, they can offer a referral to another attorney. For more information about Real Estate Law Firms in Chicago, contact Starr Bejgiert Zink & Rowells.

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