What To Expect With A HVAC Baltimore Maintenance Inspection

by | Jul 20, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

In your home, it’s important that your heating and air conditioning systems work efficiently when you need them to. To keep your systems running smoothly, it’s recommended that you call a HVAC Baltimore Maryland area technician to perform a maintenance check at least once a year prior to the season you’ll be running them. Below you’ll find out what an annual performance check consists of.

Heating Systems

All the electrical connections are examined to ensure they are tight and working properly. The wiring is inspected for worn spots and damage, and replaced if necessary. The voltage is tested to check for proper thermostat installation.

The moving components of your heater will be lubricated so they run smoothly and with less power.

The drains are inspected, cleaned of dirt and debris, and examined for clogs.

The controls are checked to make sure they are operating correctly and safely.

Air Conditioner

If the coils are dirty, the technician will clean them so your unit won’t have to work as hard to cool your home.

The amount of refrigerant will be checked to ensure it’s at the correct levels for proper functioning of the unit.

To confirm that the airflow is not obstructed, the Heating and Air Conditioning Company technician will clean the blower and make adjustments if necessary.

The fan blades will be inspected for damage or wear and replaced if needed.

DIY Maintenance

At least once a month, when your heating or air conditioning unit is in constant use, check the filters and clean them or install new ones if they’re dirty.

If your attic is trapping a lot of heat, you may need to install larger or extra vents.

During the hot hours in the middle of the day, close the drapes so your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard to cool your house.

Do not set a lamp, television or any other apparatus that produces heat underneath your wall thermostat. This can cause your air conditioner to run more often than it should.

If your unit is old and often needs repair, it may be time to switch to a newer energy efficient model. Worn out heating and air conditioning systems use more electricity, which makes your utility bill higher each month. A HVAC Baltimore area dealer can recommend a more cost effective system for your heating and cooling needs.

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