What to Expect When You Choose to Sell Silver Flatware in Atlanta to a Pawn Shop

What to Expect When You Choose to Sell Silver Flatware in Atlanta to a Pawn Shop

Everyone has times where they aren’t able to make ends meet and need to get extra cash quickly. While payday loans are one option, more and more people are choosing to use other methods so they can avoid the exorbitant fees associated with this type of lending. If you have pieces of silver flatware lying around your home, you can use them to help you get quick cash so you can pay bills and gain financial stability. If you have never tried to sell items to a pawn shop before, you may now know what to expect during the process. The following is a rundown of what will happen when you choose to sell silver flatware in Atlanta. Initial Value Assessment and OfferThe first thing the pawn shop will do is check the quality of the silver. They will apply a small amount of a chemical to the silver to determine if it is solid or if it is just plated. Once it has been verified as sterling silver, they will weigh it and give you an estimate on its value. You have the option of selling it to them for this price, and may even be able to haggle for an increased rate.Provide Personal Information and Agree to the Shop’s TermsOnce you agree on a price, you will need to give them your driver’s license or state issued ID so they can record your information should any problems arise in the future. They will also have you read through their terms for the transaction and sign off on them. They will not be able to pay you until you provide them with this information.


Receive Your Payout After all of the information has been submitted, they will give you your money. When you sell silver flatware in Atlanta, you will either be paid in cash or check. Their policy could depend on the amount of money you are receiving, but if you do receive a check, you can cash it the same day and get the money you need without delay.Don’t let money stress cause you worry any longer. If you have silver pieces you don’t use lying around your home, put them to work for you. If you are ready to sell items, visit the experts at happy hocker pawn shop. They will give you top dollar for your items without a hassle.

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