What to Expect from Tennis Court Resurfacing in Providence RI

What to Expect from Tennis Court Resurfacing in Providence RI

The life and performance of your tennis court depends on how well you maintain it and resurface it. Cleaning, coating, and resurfacing are three very important components in ensuring the longevity of your tennis court. It is also important to know what to expect from tennis court resurfacing. The following will discuss what Tennis Court Resurfacing in Providence, RI provided by a professional will entail, the reasons for resurfacing, and the benefits of this service.

1)    Measuring the dimensions – Most contractors start with measuring the area they are to resurface and checking the slope to ensure proper drainage and that they use ample resurfacing supplies.

2)    Cleaning the surface – Quality contractors take the time to give the tennis court a proper cleaning. Pressure washers are used to clean tennis courts.

3)    Repairing cracks and filling holes – If the tennis court surface has flaws like cracks and/or holes, these will have to be addressed before they resurface it.

4)    Applying the new surface coating – Once the tennis court surface is properly cleaned and prepared, the contractor will apply the surface coating. It commonly takes more than one coating.

Tennis Court Resurfacing in Providence, RI is beneficial for tennis courts with a variety of issues.

  • Surface is rough on the knees
  • Coating or color is faded
  • Court lines are faded
  • Low area issues
  • Algae growth problems
  • Cracks and other repairs
  • Issues with cushioned surfaces

What are some of the benefits of resurfacing your tennis court(s)?

  • Comfort – If you have a tennis court that is hard on the knees, resurfacing can help make it better.
  • Safety – If there are cracks, holes, bumps, or other flaws in the court’s surface, a resurfacing can protect people from falling and getting injured.
  • Appearance – Faded court surfaces and lines make a tennis court seem old and less appealing. Resurfacing will make it look new again.

If your residential or commercial tennis court is looking old, needs repairs, or should be more comfortable to use, it is wise to hire professional services for your Tennis Court Resurfacing in Providence, RI. New England Sealcoating provides complete pavement maintenance services in the Rhode Island area. They have been providing quality services since 1945.



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