What to Expect from a Nose Surgeon in Naperville IL

What to Expect from a Nose Surgeon in Naperville IL

10070697_lThe desire to change something about your face is normal. While not everyone opts for plastic surgery, one of the most common procedures is rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is the medical term for a nose job. This surgery is used to change the appearance of the nose or for problems with function or trauma. A reputable nose surgeon in Naperville, IL can enhance your nose so that it complements your face. What should you expect from a nose surgery?


The first visit to the cosmetic surgeon will involve the consultation. This is how you find out what the surgery entails and the risks, and complications. During a consultation you can ask questions, look at noses, and address your concerns about making this kind of change. As a matter of fact, most plastic surgeons will provide special imaging programs to show you what your new nose will look like.


Once you decide to have this surgery done, you will undergo an examination, or make sure to share your medical history, including any recent physicals to make sure you are healthy enough for a nose job. This surgery is like any other when it comes to the risks and complications which is why surgeons are so cautious before proceeding.

Pick Your Nose

Once you get cleared to have the surgery, you get to pick your nose. This is the only time in life that picking your nose will be socially acceptable. This just means you get to choose the nose you want according to the recommendations of your nose surgeon. He or she will help you understand the importance of realistic expectations for your new nose.


Once everything checks out and you choose your nose, you make an appointment and get ready for surgery. Make sure to follow all the pre-surgery instructions given to you and be on time for your appointment. You may experience some bleeding afterwards, but this is normal. If it becomes excessive, check with your surgeon about what to do.

These are the basics of rhinoplasty and what to expect. Your nose surgeon in Naperville, IL is the only person who can give you the full details of what you need to know for your surgery. The Center for Cosmetic & Laser Surgery provides quality cosmetic procedures and treatments including nose surgery. You can expect to be treated honestly and with respect as well as benefiting from personal patient care. Visit the site cclscosmetic.com for more information.

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