What to Consider When Obtaining Employment Background Investigations in NJ

by | Sep 12, 2013 | Society

New Jersey is ranked 11th in the U.S. in population. In a city with that many people, you can’t get to know everyone. If you are an employer, you may not get to know each one of your employees, but you can conduct an employment screening that can tell you a little about your potential employees. Background checks are one of the best ways to ensure you make the best decision during the hiring process. It protects the company, your workplace interests and your customers. When searching for a company to provide employment background investigations NJ, make sure it is one you trust.

Employment Screening Needs

Before choosing a company to conduct your employment background investigations in NJ, make sure you have a clear idea of the needs of your business. The typical background checks performed may include:

  • County and Federal Criminal Records
  • Employment Verification
  • Credit Checks
  • Employment Drug Screening
  • Department of Transportation Managed Services
  • Student Background Checks

Do not let a company encourage you to purchase all the information found about the potential employee unless it is necessary for his position. Just because a company offers you a cheap price for services does not mean you are getting the best deal. Do not be fooled by promises from a company and look for screening that is tailored to the needs of your company.

Local vs. National

There are many local companies on the web that offer employment background investigations in NJ. There are also national companies on the web offering the same. Are they reliable, though? Do a search on the Internet and check for yourself. Pay attention to the number of results the company has and if they are positive or negative. Make sure the company you choose is up to date with federal law in New Jersey. You may also want to contact the National Association of Professional Screeners, or NAPBS, to verify the company you are considering to conduct employment background investigations in NJ is a member and in good standing. Though membership in NAPBS does not guarantee services you will receive, it does speak about the company. Members of NAPBS stay current with their practices and current legislation.

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