What Makes a Good Case for a Personal Injury Lawyer in Grand Rapids MI?

If you have been injured and you believe it’s due to someone else’s negligence, you still may be wondering whether you have a good case. That may especially be true if the property owner’s insurance company has denied your claim. A

personal injury lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI, can provide insight into this matter during a free consultation.

A Questionable Case

A personal injury lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI, probably will not accept a case from someone who has been diagnosed with West Nile Virus and wants to blame this on a next-door neighbor. That neighbor had let stagnant water accumulate in the yard and sit there all summer. Female mosquitoes need standing water for their eggs. Households with birdbath water they never change and rain gutters they never clean out may indeed be contributing to the mosquito population growth. However, it would be enormously difficult to prove that this particular neighbor is the cause of someone getting West Nile Virus.

A Good Case

A better case can be made when someone has slipped and fallen on a sidewalk that was blocked by snow and ice that had accumulated overnight. The property owner is responsible for clearing the sidewalk, no matter how early he or she has to get up to commute to work. Under the legal concept of premises liability, property owners and managers must keep the place safe for anyone who may come there.

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